Product Information:

APPLICATION: Honda Passport / Isuzu Rodeo; Infiniti G20; Nissan Axxess – NX2000 – Sentra – Stanza- D21 Pickup – Pathfinder; Subaru Legacy Outback.

Hitachi IF Alternators.

ALTERNATOR #’S: LR170-725B; LR170-732B; LR170-732C; LR170-734; LR170-734B; LR170-738; LR170-738B; LR170-738C; LR170-738E;        LR170-739; LR170-739B; LR170-740; LR170-740B; LR180-719B; LR180-725; LR180-725B; LR180-725C; LR180-725E; LR180-726; LR180-726B;  LR180-730; LR180-731B; LR180-731C; LR180-733; LR180-733B; LR180-734B; LR180-734C; LR180-735; LR180-737B; LR180-737C; L190-716;        L190-716B; L190-717; L190-717B; L190-717C; L190-718; L190-718B; L190-719; L190-720; L190-720B; LR170725B; LR170732B; LR170732C; LR170734; LR170734B; LR170738; LR170738B; LR170738C; LR170738E; LR170739; LR170739B; LR170740; LR170740B; LR180719B; LR180725; LR180725B; LR180725C; LR180725E; LR180726; LR180726B; LR180730; LR180731B; LR180731C; LR180733; LR180733B; LR180734B; LR180734C; LR180735; LR180737B; LR180737C; L190716; L190716B; L190717; L190717B; L190717C; L190718; L190718B; L190719; L190720; L190720B.

LESTER #’S: 13275; 13285; 13327; 13329; 13564.

NOTE: Hole is 16 mm from the Rear of the Brush.

Manufacturer: HITACHI

IAT Product Number: 11520

Original Numbers: Hitachi: L170-2325, L170-4325, L180-1325, L1702325, L1704325, L1801325; Nissan: 23142-19V01, 23142-50Y05, 23142-64J00, 2314219V01, 2314250Y05, 2314264J00.

Additional Information: Voltage: 12V; Length: 26 mm; Width: 8 mm; Teeth: 5 mm; LL: 42 mm.

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